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Friday, November 7, 2008

Have you ever had Ford Credit Canada Problems? or Ford Problems?
We surely wanna know.
7:02 pm est


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 Thanks for stopping by  ScamOrSham.Info (Nov.7.2008)

Scam (Noun) a dishonest scheme; a fraud, 

Scam (as a Verb) there is 'scammed', as in I have been scammed, or 'scamming', as in, I believe they are scamming me–and they may had done 'it' to others out there too; verb: swindle, is sort of the same thing Cry

It has been a bad scene, rate from the start. Oh yes, the word, ‘Scam’, has an unknown origin–which may means, no body knows who was scammed first or who did the scamming, to who, was first scammed (This is a joke--it is amazing that I still have a sense of humor after what Ford Credit Canada has put me through.).  Oh yes, I am a teacher too!  I hope to teach Ford Credit Canada, a lesson too--one they won't forget any time soon.  It is my opinion, after dealing with Ford Credit Canada, they are unethical too.

Scam or Sham? YOU call it. I have already made my decision. (Thumbs Down!)

Consider this as a vital, "Consumer Report", brought to you by Eleanor Bridges.

If, after you read this, you think ‘somethings up’, it’s a scam, it’s a sham, or heck, even worse, place a sign in your vehicle’s window, stating: Ford Credit Canada – thumbs down and be creative, e.g., draw a little cartoon–thumbs down, or copy my smiley (If I can post one here; I tried earlier, but it wouldn't work) – giving the thumbs down to Ford Credit Canada ... This incident should raise the eyebrows of our government, of investigative reporter(s)/reporting, etc., and your eyebrows too--gosh darn it! It’s my opinion, due to their deceitfulness, Ford Credit Canada is worse than going to a loan shark!

Now the story... oh oh, I am not telling you not to purchase a Ford vehicle--not yet anyway, I have yet to get an answer from Ford Canada yet (I already contacted Ford North America--and you know what--they didn't want to help me--they wished me luck thought Undecided; now I ask you, is this the kind of company you want to deal with, ummm???), and Ford Canada is 51% owned (as I understand it in a recent law suit (heck..I'll post that link for we can 'audit' Ford)) by Ford USA....  now the story...and I fully intend on approaching the 5th Estate, Canada's investigative reporting to help consumers--because no one in our government has the guts/gusto, to go after a powerful company/entity (or they are bribed--so they only blow smoke, but lite no fires) .. but, now as a political activist,  I do..and yes, I am female, married with children (grown up now), and had  very successful careers, e.g. worked for great  American company--AA&Co.  Now, consider me, a Consumer Reporter--I am self appointed, as I am going to report to you, and I am going to give you my best advice of why you should never, ever, ever, go to Ford Credit Canada, but instead go to a reputable bank .


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GM, Ford and Chrysler went to Washington for Aid -- I'm with Mort of Fox News, so "NO" TO HELPING THEM--THEY MAKE IT OR BREAK IT! (I see, FOX News, IS USING MY FAMOUS--YOU'VE GOT MAIL! AS SEEN ON GRETA'S On the Record, NOV.7,2008 OH YEAH..I'LL BE EMAILING PRESIDENT-ELECT OBAMA (D) & PRESIDENT BUSH (R), RE: SAY "NO" TO AUTO BAIL OUTS--LIKE I SAY, LIKE MORT SAYS--WHERE DOES IT STOP (SOMEONE WILL WANT TO BUY THEM OUT..THE WORKERS MOVE TO THE NEW COMPANY, ETC.eb) I hope you do the same--from White House site...I'll set it up for you. See below. Click here though, for this Wall Street Journal article Nov.7,2008. [back arrow to return]

Contact The President, Vice-President of the good ol' USA ..And tell them, say 'NO', to bailing out the Auto industry (see above). click here, for the White House Website, then, go to bottom of page & use the 'contact' link, after the tour or before the visual tour of the White House.

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